Campaign materials

Driving the Change to Electric

EVs (Electric Vehicles) are set to outnumber conventional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles in the coming years. Helping to drive this trend is green energy specialist Vattenfall, which operates over 10,000 charging points across Europe and is now launching sites in the UK. All Vattenfall’s InCharge charging networks are powered exclusively by planet-friendly sustainable energy.

Our brief was to develop B2B campaign materials to target local authorities and UK private businesses. The aim was to sign up city councils and local authorities to install conveniently located InCharge charging stations in their streets and carparks, and for businesses to do the same in their parking areas.

We developed a range of print and e-brochures, together with labelling and signage for the charging stations. The results? InCharge stations are being introduced in sites in Kent and Norfolk, with many more planned. Helping everyone plug into an exciting electric future.

We are very proud to support Vattenfall's commitment to making fossil-free living possible within one generation.

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