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Branding a Bright Future for Predictive AI

Forecaster uses ground-breaking predictive analytics to optimise performance marketing and drive extra sales for the likes of Argos, BooHoo, and Selfridges. Amberjack was hired to bring Forecaster to life as a brand and create a new website.

First, we honed the proposition and messaging around persona needs. We focused on digital media buyers and big-spending digital advertisers. Second, we created a fresh brand identity supported by a raft of assets such as infographics, presentation templates, e-brochure and white papers.

Finally, we wrote, designed and built a fully responsive Forecaster website. Forecaster has generated over £1 billion in extra sales for its customers and is now winning awards across the digital and retail industries. Who could have predicted that? Check out

Forecaster website 4

We turned complex technology into accessible story-telling.

Forecaster website 2

”The team at Amberjack bring a great mix of creativity together with years of experience of applying this across a variety of channels.”
Renée Dorris, Marketing Manager, Summit

Forecaster brochure 1

Forecaster White Paper 1

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