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Pulling Together for Outsourced IT

WellData is the UK’s leading outsourcer of database management. They wanted to refresh their online presence in readiness for full-on lead generation campaigns across key target sectors such as retail, manufacturing, logistics and finance.

We set to work identifying their target personas, crafting incisive messaging and refining propositions. We created an integrated go-to-market plan and a digital strategy that used nurture content to entice prospects to reach out when and how they preferred.

Finally we scoped, wrote and designed a completely new website to showcase products and services and provide an online destination for future campaigns. WellData’s transformation from niche specialist to serious B2B IT services provider is now complete.

WellData website 5

We presented technical features as powerful, easy-to-grasp benefits.

WellData website 4
”Amberjack were recommended to us and soon became an integral part of our company. They took the time to dig deep into our business to really get to the root of what we do, therefore enabling them to create the perfect solutions to our marketing issues. The detailed research and planning resulted in an educated and well informed project, which was carried out on time, on budget and which has since seen great results.”
Rachel Bean, Head of Marketing, WellData
WellData website 2
WellData website 1

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