Integrated Lead Generation

Focus on ERP for Consultancies

ERP software experts Deltek needed to engage with prospects across two high-priority verticals, IT consultancies and AECs (Architectural or Engineering Consultancies). Previous attempts by sales teams to contact senior finance professionals had not been as fruitful as hoped.

Amberjack was hired to design and manage a lead-generation campaign spearheaded by cut-through DM. Our remit included concept development, messaging, design, artwork and production of the mailer and content creation. We plugged into Deltek’s marketing team to manage the project from end to end.

The high-impact torch mailer was supported by a sequence of EDMs with associated landing pages and content downloads. The campaign helped sales people to open doors to cold prospects and start the nurture process. Still early days, so watch this space for some great results to come.

Deltek DM 2

We worked hand in hand to deliver the project on-brief and on track.

Deltek DM 5

Deltek DM 3
”The guys worked closely as part of the Deltek team, adding great ideas and experience that made the project go perfectly to plan and budget.”
Kylie Webb, Marketing Director, Deltek

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