Outdoor Media: Cows, Bikes and Swimming Pools

Cows advertising

Aside from the usual outdoor media opportunities – Adshels, poster sites etc, we are all becoming very familiar with being pushed advertising messages at every opportunity – petrol pump nozzles, toilet doors, hand-dryers, car park tickets, escalator risers, benches, dustbins, lampposts. The list goes on.

Where do we draw the line? Cows on the side of the motorway? Cornfield messages? Outdoor swimming pool logos near airports to be seen as you fly in overhead?

Any space that has public exposure is ripe for paid for advertising. But why stick to publicly owned places? As we go about our daily lives we all personally have the capacity to become advertising billboards – on our clothing, our cars, our mobile phone cases, our bicycles. We already endorse brands on Social Media – so how long before we can be paid to sport a third-party non-apparel brand as we travel around?

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